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Roulette Slipmat

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beautiful roulette graphics seen from above. Perfect for every gambling spirit but also for lovers of classic design. The multitude of details translates into an extremely realistic picture of this black and red game.

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This is a roulette slipmat for gamblers and casino lovers. Blackjack, pontoon slipmat. Main colours black and red. Custom slipmat for DJ, audiophile and turntable passionate. Each of our slipmat is handmade with maximum attention about details and together with eco-packaging brings you the great turntable experience. You can choose 7" or 12" size.


  • fabric: felt slipmat 2mm thickness
  • overprint - high colour saturation, imperceptible by touch, fully integrated with the slipmat.
  • Perfect slip and protection against scratches on your records.
  • Solid resistance to stretching and tearing.
  • Perfect for DJ's and audiophiles