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Lady B Slipmat

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on this one there is a bust of a beautiful young girl, maybe even a muse. In her short dark hair, colorful butterflies give a radiant glow. The whole is light blue with elements of magic.

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Custom cocaine slipmat for DJ, audiophile and turntable passionate. This is a black slipmat with a white whiff. Blow slipmat. Each of our slipmat is handmade with maximum attention about details and together with eco-packaging brings you the great turntable experience. You can choose 7" or 12" size.


  • fabric: felt slipmat 2mm thickness
  • overprint - high colour saturation, imperceptible by touch, fully integrated with the slipmat.
  • Perfect slip and protection against scratches on your records.
  • Solid resistance to stretching and tearing.
  • Perfect for DJ's and audiophiles